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I just love the hotel we stay at in Seattle. They have a business center where I can hook up my digital camera and download my photos. The nice desk clerk even let me use it for free! I should request more of these trips!

Anyway, this morning we drove by the Space Needle and I made my co-worker stop so I could take this photo. Sorry, it’s a little off centered. It was threatening to rain at any moment!


This is a photo of the Air Traffic Controller Tower at the Honolulu International Airport (I’m running out of work type photos to take!).

I’m currently freezing in Seattle. One of my co-workers was kind enough to loan me his laptop for the evening while he went out drinking with the crew. I remember a time when I would have gone, too. I’m such a homebody now!

Today I’m headed for Los Angeles. I am so looking forward to my 24 hour layover there!

In San Francisco.

Today I had a trip to San Francisco. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world! We got in this afternoon and we leave tomorrow morning. Not much time to really do anything except maybe go out for dinner.

Can you imagine having to park your car on this street? I have trouble parking on level ground as it is!