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The girls got some really cute Roxy shirts this past Christmas.

My husband works part-time in a surf store so I asked him to check if they made them in my size. All I wanted was one shirt. This is what he came home with.

I only kept two out of the nine. Can you guess which two?


Today was our weekly grocery shopping trip. Of course, we needed to get the essentials . . . ice cream and cones. Girlie Girl was too embarrased to take this photo but I told her she couldn’t get the ice cream unless I could take a picture of her with it. What a mean Mom! *her head sure looks big in this picture*

I love checking the mail. You never know what wonderful surprises await you. Look what I found today!

I spent the day at Ala Moana Shopping Center returning a bunch of things that Baby Bug got for her birthday.

This is a photo of the koi fish pond that the girls always make us stop at. There’s this one white fish that lifts his head completely out of the water when taking a breath! It’s so funny!

Today we went shopping for things to put into the 25 centerpieces for the birthday party. We bought popcorn (as you can see), cotton candy, some little toys, and flower pot kits complete with dirt and seeds!

Why do they make these shopping carts unable to leave the store? Don’t they know how hard it is to carry all this stuff and Baby Bug to the car at the same time? Talk about a scene. People were just staring at me. Well, quit staring and give this lady a hand people! Sheesh! And it was raining to boot!

Tonight was my grocery shopping night. After I took this photo I realized what it must look like. Under all that frozen convenient food are fruits and vegetables . . . I promise!

Can you believe that all this came out to $160? You would think I was feeding a family of 8! Although, DH does eat enough for 3 people.


Here is my haul from my shopping day in Las Vegas.