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Today was our weekly grocery shopping trip. Of course, we needed to get the essentials . . . ice cream and cones. Girlie Girl was too embarrased to take this photo but I told her she couldn’t get the ice cream unless I could take a picture of her with it. What a mean Mom! *her head sure looks big in this picture*


Here we are outside the arena waiting for the Cheetah Girls Concert to start.

It’s the first weekend in February which can only mean one thing . . . the Punahou Carnival is here!

Girlie Girl’s preschool held a Scholastic Book fair with part of the proceeds going to the school. These are some of the books we bought.

Isn’t this cookie so cute? I saw it at the bakery today and thought Girlie Girl would love having it for her snack tonight. I also hoped to sneak a little bite myself.

When I showed it to her, guess what she said? “Mommy, it’s so beautiful I can’t eat it!”

Hmmm . . . I wonder if she would notice if I took a bite after she went to sleep?

We spent the day at the Ko Olina Beach near the Ihilani Hotel.

I’ve never been the beach bunny type but DH is an avid surfer and wants our girls to learn, too. Give me a shady tree and some trade winds and I’m fine!

BTW, if you’re trying to visit An Island Life, it seems like I’m in time out again. I swear I didn’t do anyting wrong! LOL!

Her birthday was actually in December but we had her party today. We felt it would have been too chaotic to have her party during the holidays.

Well, tomorrow is the big day . . . Baby Bug’s 1st Birthday Party.

I was up till 2am last night finishing the 63 goody bags for the kids! They’re almost done – I just need to tie all the balloons to the bags.

Today we went shopping for things to put into the 25 centerpieces for the birthday party. We bought popcorn (as you can see), cotton candy, some little toys, and flower pot kits complete with dirt and seeds!

Why do they make these shopping carts unable to leave the store? Don’t they know how hard it is to carry all this stuff and Baby Bug to the car at the same time? Talk about a scene. People were just staring at me. Well, quit staring and give this lady a hand people! Sheesh! And it was raining to boot!

I’ve always had strange pets.

A guppy who would follow your finger in the water, a rabbit who made friends with a baby rat, a cat who went through the dry cycle and lived to tell about it, a dog who thought he was a cat.

Here’s another one. Kaimana loves the water. Everytime I fill the bathtub for Girlie Girl, he comes running and jumps right in! Of course, he always wants to use the litter box when he comes out. Wet paws + litter box = MESS!

  • BTW, is anyone else having problems getting on to An Island Life? I can’t seem to access it. I keep getting timed out.Why am I in time out? WHAAAA!