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For those of you who think it’s always blue skies and sunshine around here, this is what it looked like today. I kind of like this kind of weather when you have no where to go.


Today I met a bunch of friends for lunch. We try to get together once a month but it’s getting harder and harder to do.

I have a question for all you Photo 365 participants. I noticed that some of you combine your project with your personal blogs while others have a separate one. What influenced your decision? Just curious since I’m thinking of combining my two together.

It’s the first weekend in February which can only mean one thing . . . the Punahou Carnival is here!

Today was spent doing some yard work.

This is our plumeria tree in the back yard. I love it but it makes such a mess!

We planted it when we first moved into our home 5 years ago. At the time, I had no idea what color the flowers would be. Turned out to be pink! Well, what do you know?

This is a photo of the Air Traffic Controller Tower at the Honolulu International Airport (I’m running out of work type photos to take!).

I’m currently freezing in Seattle. One of my co-workers was kind enough to loan me his laptop for the evening while he went out drinking with the crew. I remember a time when I would have gone, too. I’m such a homebody now!

I spent the day at Ala Moana Shopping Center returning a bunch of things that Baby Bug got for her birthday.

This is a photo of the koi fish pond that the girls always make us stop at. There’s this one white fish that lifts his head completely out of the water when taking a breath! It’s so funny!

We spent the day at the Ko Olina Beach near the Ihilani Hotel.

I’ve never been the beach bunny type but DH is an avid surfer and wants our girls to learn, too. Give me a shady tree and some trade winds and I’m fine!

BTW, if you’re trying to visit An Island Life, it seems like I’m in time out again. I swear I didn’t do anyting wrong! LOL!

Nothing much going on today. This is a photo of the sunrise I saw this morning while driving Girlie Girl to school.

Today I went to Downtown Honolulu to renew my passport for work. Sometimes I really miss my former corporate-type job with all the power lunches and expense accounts. But then again, if I were still there, I wouldn’t be leisurely strolling along the street with Baby Bug on a Thursday afternoon.

Girlie Girl has been bugging me to take her to the zoo. Since today is a holiday and she’s not in school, I figured it would be the perfect time to go.  Her favorite animal was the monkey.