The girls got some really cute Roxy shirts this past Christmas.

My husband works part-time in a surf store so I asked him to check if they made them in my size. All I wanted was one shirt. This is what he came home with.

I only kept two out of the nine. Can you guess which two?


For those of you who think it’s always blue skies and sunshine around here, this is what it looked like today. I kind of like this kind of weather when you have no where to go.

Today I met a bunch of friends for lunch. We try to get together once a month but it’s getting harder and harder to do.

I have a question for all you Photo 365 participants. I noticed that some of you combine your project with your personal blogs while others have a separate one. What influenced your decision? Just curious since I’m thinking of combining my two together.

Today was our weekly grocery shopping trip. Of course, we needed to get the essentials . . . ice cream and cones. Girlie Girl was too embarrased to take this photo but I told her she couldn’t get the ice cream unless I could take a picture of her with it. What a mean Mom! *her head sure looks big in this picture*

Here we are outside the arena waiting for the Cheetah Girls Concert to start.

It’s the first weekend in February which can only mean one thing . . . the Punahou Carnival is here!

Girlie Girl’s preschool held a Scholastic Book fair with part of the proceeds going to the school. These are some of the books we bought.

I love checking the mail. You never know what wonderful surprises await you. Look what I found today!

Today was spent doing some yard work.

This is our plumeria tree in the back yard. I love it but it makes such a mess!

We planted it when we first moved into our home 5 years ago. At the time, I had no idea what color the flowers would be. Turned out to be pink! Well, what do you know?

I just love the hotel we stay at in Seattle. They have a business center where I can hook up my digital camera and download my photos. The nice desk clerk even let me use it for free! I should request more of these trips!

Anyway, this morning we drove by the Space Needle and I made my co-worker stop so I could take this photo. Sorry, it’s a little off centered. It was threatening to rain at any moment!